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    It’s the law: women doing the same work as men are entitled to the same pay as men for that work.


    Unfortunately, despite the progress toward equality that has been made, the reality is that many women doctors (and other women health care professionals) do NOT get equal pay for equal work.


    Washington law is clear:


    Any employer in this state, employing both males and females, who shall discriminate in any way in the payment of wages as between sexes or who shall pay any female a less wage, be it time or piece work, or salary, than is being paid to males similarly employed, or in any employment formerly performed by males, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor. If any female employee shall receive less compensation because of being discriminated against on account of her sex, and in violation of this section, she shall be entitled to recover in a civil action the full amount of compensation that she would have received had she not been discriminated against.Revised Code of Washington 49.12.175.


    Many studies find that woman doctors are consistently underpaid compared to men doing equivalent jobs. For example, a recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (Sex Difference in Physician Salary in US Public Medical Schools, JAMA Internal Med., published July 11, 2016) found that “Among physicians with faculty appointments at 24 US public medical schools, significant sex differences in salary exist even after accounting for age, experience, specialty, faculty rain, and measures of research productivity in clinical revenue.”


    The law firms of Nelson Boyd and Andrus Anderson are committed to fighting to level the salary playing field and to protecting and enforcing your right to equal pay. If you believe that you are not getting paid what your male counterparts are, contact us now.


    There is no charge for talking to us, and you will not be obligated to do anything. Let’s Make Justice!


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    Deborah M. Nelson

    DEBORAH M. NELSON has spent her entire 23 year legal career fighting for the rights of people injured as a result of the wrongdoing of others including victims of corporate negligence and greed. Her clients have included people with disabilities on claims against corporations for violating the ADA, truck drivers who have been denied overtime pay in violation of Washington law, insurance policyholders who have been cheated by their insurance companies, and credit card holders who were defrauded by their banks.


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    Jeffrey D. Boyd

    JEFFREY D. BOYD has over 34 years of legal experience and has tried over 100 cases. He is also a nationally recognized trial consultant who routinely works with the best lawyers across the country to help them win their most complex cases against large corporations, insurance companies, and employers in state and federal courts.


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    Lori E. Andrus

    LORI E. ANDRUS is a leader in the fight for equal pay. With nearly two decades of experience battling corporate giants, Ms. Andrus puts her legal skills to work for working women who deserve fair pay. Most recently, Ms. Andrus negotiated a cutting edge settlement with Farmers Insurance on behalf of their female attorney employees who allege they are paid less than their male counterparts doing the same work.


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    Jennie Lee Anderson

    JENNIE LEE ANDERSON has extensive experience representing plaintiffs in complex employment, antitrust and consumer protection cases. A fierce advocate for employees, Ms. Anderson has vigorously pursued cases on behalf of employees who have been discriminated against in the workplace, including class actions to demand equal pay or nondiscriminatory hiring practices and individual sexual harassment cases.


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